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Thinking The Unthinkable

Just your ordinary 25 year old Malaysian

With the election getting nearer everyday, every single media that the current ruling government and the opposition can use of. They would do so. Current Prime Minister, Najib Razak is using all sorts of medium to promote that he absolutely … Continue reading

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Since when Human was not Worth a Thing

Sometimes I just wonder what happen to us? why does war even exists. Actually Malaysia, we can call it an extremely safe country besides the corruption. The notes below taken from Time. Credits to Dominic Nahr. Heglig, Sudan. April 17, … Continue reading

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Life Enjoyment

Sipping vodka mixture with Sprite on the first day of the year. How happening is that? Started off with waking up early and being energetic and did few minutes of Pilates. Then after work with papa came back home to … Continue reading

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Recap 2010

How should I sum up for 2010?  Happy, sad, disappointment, or pure boring? It’s something too hard for me to summarize in on pure word. Each month represents a different emotions for me. I was travelling alot this year (though … Continue reading

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10 days before your back to my arms

It’s past midnight right now. I’m in my own room with the lights switch off facing the bright laptop screen not knowing what I want with my life. I’ve always had dreams, dreams that would make me someone out there … Continue reading

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when age is catching up with me, I don’t feel happy. cousins who used to play with me during my childhood are all starting to settle down and getting married. Some of them are even with a baby already. Time … Continue reading

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当他告诉我他已经找到另一伴的时候。那种心情很奇怪。 我不时替他开心,可是又不是替他伤心。 可是就是心情好像闷闷不乐这样。 但是还是觉得心里暖暖的。因为我们还可以变普通朋友。 那种偶尔还是会互相问候,关心。 我看人啊。。。还是不要贪心比较好 **** 才刚刚从Tiffany的家回来。觉得好累。 可是真的蛮开心的。 觉得她们也是可以玩到很疯狂地那种朋友 虽然不是很熟, 可是还可以啦。 我发现大学不是一件很容易的事。 有时候,你可能会得罪你的朋友但是你自己也不知道。 因为她们还是会跟一好像以往那样哈拉。可是就是会慢慢得离你而去。 会便真不认识,不说话,连打招呼都免了。 每个人都会把,Friends Forever 那句话随便说说。 Forever不是一件容易的事。那是代表永远。 所以我有时候都避免用那句话。因为太沉重。

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