Just your ordinary 25 year old Malaysian

With the election getting nearer everyday, every single media that the current ruling government and the opposition can use of. They would do so.

Current Prime Minister, Najib Razak is using all sorts of medium to promote that he absolutely care for the Malaysian especially Chinese. From the local radio station advertisement, to the TV advertisement and also I’ve been reading through Facebook and Twitter that the Barisan Nasional is sending snail mail to houses especially those in Selangor that contain angpow which has his face imprint on it. That is so wrong at all sort of level, if you are my favourite Korean band, Big Bang. Then I’m okay with receiving angpow with face printed on it. If not, it is absolutely wrong in whatever way it could. I think in my whole life this is the first time I am seeing someone so dumb enough to do that. I saw before those with God of Fortune in cartoon like drawing but never in my life I saw a FACE of a human being. I even saw some tweet saying, if one put money into that angpow is like putting in duit kopi into Najib pocket. You see? Nobody is so dumb to do this kind of publicity, you want to win back Selangor then be it but not using this way. This is selfishness in all level one could think of. Who is paying for those snail mail printing, tv commercial slot, radio commercial slot? I don’t know much about politiic and finance but I did Media Studies before, as far as I know one need to pay to do that. By the way, your TV commercial is totally giving a wrong MESSAGE. Why do I see Malaysian in the commercial playing with firecracker, I thought it was illegal to play firecracker in Malaysia? So by showing what you did in the commercial, does that mean I can play firecrcker without being afraid of the police who could suddenly come to my house to either give me saman or I give them saman in the matter of new hell notes in assorted colour. Or do I show the police officer the advertisement you are in showing that Our Malaysia face is doing the same, why could I not do the same too? Since our Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen say, certain political group is not respecting Najib Razak when pulling down banner with Najib’s face on it. It’s like stepping on our own Malaysia face, but I’m very suprise right now our dignity is being place on one person only and not as a whole. Sarcastically, please dress well next time, do not make me lose face in the world stage. 

Oh, I nearly forget. Can you tell your publisher house to make our local news medium more neutral. I miss reading news where the journalist or editor have a neutral point of view rather than one side. Reading news online is does not beat reading hardcopy newspaper.


Just your ordinary 25 year old Malaysian waiting for a 30% pay raise and a more manageable cost of living in the KL city and hoping to buy a house with land before reaching 28 years old.

Oh yeah, before I forget since you manage to get in Psy for free during the Chinese New Year at Penang, mind bringing Big Bang along as they are from the same company YG.. I bet they would not cost you more than another RM3million plus you can find corporate secret company who could fund them without you paying. And nobody says no to a free concert! You get your publicity and I get my boys.

Remark: My news worthiness may not be 100% accurate as I get my news from all sorts of medium. I could mislead some information. Hey, it’s not like our local published newspaper don’t. Do not forget recently certain newspaper company had to pay some politician because of defamation. 


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