Since when Human was not Worth a Thing

Since when Human was not Worth a Thing

Sometimes I just wonder what happen to us? why does war even exists. Actually Malaysia, we can call it an extremely safe country besides the corruption.

The notes below taken from Time.

Credits to Dominic Nahr.

Heglig, Sudan. April 17, 2012.

It was April, and I was speeding north towards a small border war between Sudan and South Sudan that most of the world didn’t even realize was happening. Bodies, dozens and dozens, lined the gravel highway. Less than a handful of journalists had found their way here, let alone photographers. Whereas other wars I’ve covered blanketed front pages, this was different. Each snap was significant; once again, Sudanese were dying. Once again, few knew. I had to document it.

I’d hitched a ride with South Sudanese soldiers, who had just captured the Heglig oil town from the Sudanese army. On the way to the front lines, while careening enemy corpses left rotting as a post-mortem insult, I glimpsed a damaged oil facility. But the soldiers had little patience for me; there was no stopping. Later that afternoon, waiting for an imminent counter-attack, the commander ordered us back south. This time, I convinced the driver to stop; they, too, wanted to see this curious mechanical casualty of war. I jumped down, walking cautiously towards the burst pipe. Only then did I see the body, draped in sticky black. The clouds skimmed over the harsh white Sudanese sun, and I took the photo. There was the conflict, in front of me.

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