Make It a Routine

Food Diary

Breakfast was a cup of milo ice and nescafe ice with char koay teow added with a raw egg. Lunch was meehoon soup with minced pork, fujuk, slices of chicken. Dinner was a handful of almond and 3 pineapple tart. Plus, I think i drank at least more than 1.5 liter of water today.

Exercise Diary

morning was nothing happen, too tired. just did some very simple bone structure which lasted less than a minute. Evening took Milco for a walk, less than 15 minutes. After that had to hug her back, because adult dogs are scary. Then went to B.J.P. for jogging which consists of half jogging and half walking and half brisk walking. total steps taken was 7117 which includes milco’s part, and driving to BJP part. Did the walkmate but forgotten about the timer. Should have at least see how much time I needed. Though that, It was satisfying 😀

I think I’m getting slight motivation back hope it lasted, though not in a good way sort of motivation. More like healing. Yet I love the meditation today, it was purely my time.


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