Baby Marimo

Baby Marimo arrived at my house today, got it for 25 bucks so much worth it. Never saw it around KL before. Besides getting it, also got 2 of its brothers Mari and Rimo.  Haven’t got the time to take a photo of it, but would do so.

After brother came back, we immediately went to Midvalley to buy the aquarium to put it into and bought two shrimp as well. Mine was red shrimp and brother’s was a tiger shrimp or so he called it.  To me it looks like those one pack for one ringgit and have a full shrimp packet. I’ve got myself a miniature pink aquarium for my baby marimo too, wished it has an orange one but too bad none. Yeah, I’ve converting everything around me to like orange. but I did got it a very pointy orange fake grass with a wooden toy attach to it which I put in it. with the glass bottle that it came with.

Had some car talk with brother which I always appreciate it. 🙂 hope he know what he’s doing, which I think am right.

Food Diary

Brunch: currypuff, Bubuchacha, fried mee with luncheon meat and 2 yaucharkuai. Dinner 10 pieces of sushi, 1 chicken breast, 1 taiwan sausage, 1 slices of chee cheung fun, a few spoons of honeydew soup, 1 chicken butt, 1 china burger, a can of 100plus

Exercise Diary

None again. Where is all my oomph?


I’m still feeling fat. EXERCISE TOMORROW! I’ve got only 2 more weeks to shed the 5kgs.

About Ivy

Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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