I come to sign agreement. FHL

yesterday was just another day, mummy answered my calling sounding very annoyed and angry, yet not wanting to let me know what happen. And something make my bro wanna work for papa all a sudden, don’t know if it’s personal or just self-improvement. A very noob lil brother for being dumb dumb, went to sign contract going this way

‘ Hello my name is ****, I come to sign an agreement because ur people ask me to. It’s for my car loan, but I forgotten to bring my identification card. So can I sign?’

Yup, he got a good mumbling from big ol’ sister.

Food Diary

Breakfast was wantan mee and then lunch was rice with assorted dish. Dinner was pasar malam junk food, 1 pair of salted chicken wing, 4 takoyaki, 1 taiwan sausage spicy, 1 ai yu ping, 1 nasi lemak and dessert was taufufar with tong yuen filled with sesame and peanuts. and some junk food.

Exercise Diary

went to papa’s store earlier thus missing everything, plus came back home late. thus making me all lazy. but i did vacuum my room and clean my room.

I should stop missing my diaries. hard to remember what i did the day before. Is the the sign of Parkinson?

I think i’m losing my motivation again. I aim to shed at least 5 more kg before CNY. God please give me motivation. πŸ™‚ I would love u more, though I’ve yet to identified who I want you to be. ❀


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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