Just found out I’ve got lice in my hair dangling around sucking on my thin head skin, now I understand why was my hair itchy for these few days. At first I thought it was because that the shampoo doesn’t suit me but after I changed the shampoo already, it was still the same. Then I thought something wasn’t right. when I went through my hair, I WAS TOTALLY MORTIFIED. felt like dying. I hate lice a.k.a. kutu.

Food Diary

Breakfast had soya bean with 2 egg tart, then around 11 had koay teow soup with 5 pieces of steam chicken, 2 pieces of braised pork, 3 pieces of meatsquare ball and a wantan. Then have a few biscuit from Macau, 1 papaya and a few slices of watermelon after that. Lunch was assorted kuih-muih which consist of 2 ringgit keropok lekor, fried banana 1 piece, banana dough 1, bean fried 1, and sweet potato fried 1. Dinner was skipped and supper was a handful of almond and 2 pieces of sour pickle.

Exerice Diary

N/A. had the otoman for the morning session and then evening got not much time because yup, I found lice and I was busy clearing it up. Totally ruined my mood.


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