Lettice’s Birthday

Starting to progress, still the neat freak and clean freak. and things need to be at where they are.

I think I’m starting to be more feminine or more like pay attention to my physical appearance. I took a whole 15 minuts to do my hair today, which was something I haven’t done quite some time. Went for Lettice’s 4th Birthday today. 🙂 always fun to have time spent with relatives and all the cute children and babies.

Food Diary

I’ve ate wholemeal grain bread with peanut butter today for breakfast together with orange juice without sugar. For lunch, I had fried mee with thick egg gravy which half the gravy was spilled left the other half, and a piece of fried pork with coffee, and 1 white biscuit with 6 pineapple tarts. Dinner was meal at Lettice’s birthday party which consists of 2 slice of chocolate cake, fried meehoon with rice and 10 nuggets, 2 fried drumstick, 2 crabstick, 1 tofu, 2 hotdog and a cup of orange juice with sugar. Supper: Lite Tea

Comment: I think I’ve got too many intake today again. WTF. Need to try to curb it

Exercise Diary

N/A only did the shaker today on the belly. Had to buckle up and do the wake up early morning thingy



About Ivy

Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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