Recap 2010

How should I sum up for 2010?  Happy, sad, disappointment, or pure boring?

It’s something too hard for me to summarize in on pure word. Each month represents a different emotions for me.

I was travelling alot this year (though I never had to enthusiasm to blog it). I was at south and north of our neighbour countries in this year itself. Places I should tick it off my listA was Singapore with the bitches; a very short trip which was fun just not that eventful, and that the fact I lost 40 bucks to marina sands casino, Perhentian Island with collegemate as our farewell trip; It was one heck of FUN and lots of laughter, snorkelling, playing games and getting drunk ( thinking about it make me all giggly again), Hatyai with mummy; just shopping and having mother daughter moment, and I went back aunts and grandpa’s house the most this year, almost every alternate month. and spend a month with mummy, and driving to Cameron Highland with mummy too. I’ve been driving around Malaysia alot this year 🙂

The most happiest moment this year is when mummy came back, I was yearning for it for almost 6 years already. The moment she came out from the arrival gate, I was like the happiest little girl in the whole wide world. Though now I’m at KL and she’s at Parit Buntar. At least I know if i were to meet her, it’s just 3 hours drive away and not 12 hours flight away. 🙂 and calling her doesn’t have a different time zone anymore. If i’m worried about her, a call is just a second away. and it doesn’t cost a bomb for the call itself. I felt like a filial daughter alot this year, with all the care and small support i’m giving to mummy. It always felt happy having her back. I think i have the best mummy ever.

Self development wise, I’ve finally graduated from college with a Diploma in Mass Communication majoring in Public Relations.  the convocation wasn’t how I expected, It was raining cats and dogs making taking photo was a pain in the ass. I regretted not asking papa and mama come, but I know they will be tired just listening to craps before watching their beloved daughter be on stage for the mere 5 seconds. Graduating never felt better, that is  before I hit the working society which I’ve still yet to search for what job I want. Something that pays highly or something that hit what I’m interested in..

I’ve cut my hair short, though not like short’s short, but at least it was the length that I haven’t gotten in a long long time. I love it., washing hair doesn’t take that long anymore, and no more tying. I’ve found like the hairstylist that I think matches what I want for my hair. though it costs but at least it gives me what I felt comfortable with.

3 weeks before 2011 comes, I suddenly turn into a clean freak. I need to vacuum my room every single day, I need to make sure everything is place correctly, I can’t  bear to see Milco’s fur in my room. A single one would make me go nuts, I start to care more on my facial care. Diet is still a battle for me, making myself healthy is still a deed I’ve yet to achieve..I thought I was suppose to use th 6 months that I’m working for papa to make myself healthy again, but truth is I didn’t. And I’m entirely disappointed with myself because of it. I hope I could achieve some for this month of January 2011, at least shed some pounds. I’ll be a good girl, I promise.

Been quite anti social on the second half of the year, I don’t know maybe just that I don’t feel like they were what I though would be. Had some friend, lost some friend.

For 2011,

I hope I’ll achieve something for myself that I’ve set goal for a long time already, a healthy body because I seriously think I’m getting diabetic soon, which something that I don’t want to happen to me.

Get a great job that gives me exposure to things I’m interested in or not. Earn moolah. My family being healthy, and being happy just the way I wanted to be.

and also go for a backpack trip alone this year 🙂


Am now sitting on my couch watching Criminal Minds S3 with my brother and his gf. Accompanying by just finish Oreo Cheesecake and Mcd Ayam Goreng Spicy, sipping to skyjuice and coke at the same time. wearing my favourite oversize black t-shirt and black frames specs due to increasing eye sight. and still feeling the taste of oreo cheesecake in my month. I think i’ll be spending my 2010 countdown towards 2011 this way, because I just feel like too 🙂


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