Happy Jingle Day

Merry Christmas to myself

I think after all those years of partying (okay, maybe like only 3 years) I’ve come to be quite dull and party-less.

I spend Christmas eve at home, accompanied by Milco (yup, my dog)  sipping Ribena and downloading relaxation music for my soon to begun yoga or maybe pilates exercise. Yes, I’m determined to start my diet again. Wanted to give mummy a suprise.

I’ve make this blog private, something I haven’t done before. I think I’m just shy to let everyone know about my diet process. If i did slim down, people would be happy for me but if i failed I felt that I’ve let everyone down. plus it’s shy to let the whole world know I’m currently 90kg. Maybe it’ll be open for public again, but just not now.

Wanted to blog more, but my eyes are at auto-shutdown mode, much better than this fucking laptop or baby Compaqi that had been to the SenHeng factory for 3 times for the span of a year. Fuck this SenHeng brand.

Okay, not cursing on christmas. I think I should be more demure.

Okay, FML.

Should make this my dietary diary. 🙂


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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