Wish it was more simple

Been back here for almost a week, and I’m seriously missing my mummy like ALOT.

Maybe it was because I haven’t seen her for very long, or maybe just because I was with her for almost a month when she was back, not having a single sight of her away from me. I was almost inseparable with her. Now that I’m back not having her nagging me, smelling her scent and just being suffocated due to her forgetfulness is making me unhappy.

I call her daily, approximately 9pm. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 😦 even though hearing her voice, and I still miss her, the hugs, the holding hands, the preparing me food and what-ever-a-mummy-does. and and most of all, her cooking.

The day when I left, I wanted to say alot of things. How much I’m going to miss her, how i’m going to dwell going back to KL, ask her to take good care of herself, because she’s going to hit her 50’s soon. All those emotional words, I seriously want to say it out, yet I think I’m just too emotionally and I couldn’t let my tears fall right in front of her because I know how sad is she as well. There was no HUG, just goodbyes because I couldn’t take the courage to hug her and then leave. It was tears jerking maximize.

All i know I just jump into my car, and say my goodbyes through the car windows. She was crying and so am I, but there wasn’t anything both of us could do. We have our commitment, and it was hard to overcome.

I shed tears a few times during the one month I’m with her, all those pressure and love we had for each other. How I wish situation was much more simple.

Each time I call her, I just want to let her know how I feel, but I just couldn’t do it. I know it’ll just make her feel sad.

All I do was to tell her I love her, I miss her. πŸ™‚ and also do the nagging part to ask her to eat healthy food, because Ms. Christina you are old enough to start to take care of ur diet already. πŸ™‚

and Please, be a strict diet instructor, because I’m on strict diet. πŸ™‚


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