Not the right moment

I’m suppose to be feeling all hyper for plans that i’ve put ahead for this whole month, yet right now I feel utter sad or some sort of feeling that makes me felt the plans weren’t right. It felt so weird all in a sudden.

I think as I grow older, I’m starting to dislike the too overplan situation. very burden indeed.

Btw, I feel bad, was suppose to let my brother use the car tomorrow, but I seriously desperately had to use the car tomorrow as well. If he were to tell me earlier, at least I could avoid being the driver for the day. All i could compensate was by pumping in full petrol for him. But i still feel extremely bad over it. Plus, I don’t feel right if I told my friend I’ll be driving but last minute I say i couldn’t drive. Just not used to it. One means one for me.

I’m being very emo lately, bear with me. I’m on the verge of complaining each time I had to. Don’t know maybe just my personality couldn’t keep it to myself if not I might have a major breakdown.

There’s this something that I wanted to say but never wanted to say yet. This just ain’t the right moment.

Am missing mummy alot 😦 Mummy, if ur reading this.. Just want to say I MISS U SUPER DUPER ALOT!


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