Good Company

Hmm… who is it that has been viewing this place?

My stats has been spiking, but I hardly know who read this because I hardly promote this site either than putting a link at my facebook info which I think hardly anyone would every click on that place. I put random shits there.

So mind leaving something to let me know who stumbles here? Hahah.. which I think anyone would because I’m one of those lazy ones that would not leave a comment even though requested by the blogger.

In this week itself I’ve watch IP man 2 and Iron man 2. One was with a bitches another with the brotherhood.

Both movie is NICE!

IP Man 2 is full of kung fu, funny dialogue, funny movement and NICE! Even though the plot seems to be similar to the first sequel, but it still manage to make me enjoy the 2 hours movie.

Where else Iron man 2, I didn’t watch the first sequel. Thus second one comes in a little bit stranger to me, but I did enjoy it. Love the last part of robot or suit fighting scene! *spoiler ahead. Just didn’t love the last part where they fight the villain and he died a little TOO FAST.

Somehow I wonder, if there were a third sequel coming out would I watch because there has been too many sequel blockbuster movie coming out lately. As far as I’m concern just this few months itself, there is Toy Story, Sherk, Spiderman, and god-knows-what.

And in another 1 week, I’ll be going Perhentian Island. I can’t wait for the beach, getting drunk, and enjoying good company


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