The End

I think this shall be the last post I shall write about you. I’m now trying to put an end to it but i think before you personally apologize to me. I’m not going to find you nor am I contacting with you. Even if you did, I don’t think I can treat you back how I usually did, because you’ve hurt my feeling and ego. The call that ended 30minutes ago seriously just put an end to everything.

I thought you were only angry with me because all in a sudden I’m close with Soo back when previously I told you how I couldn’t talk a single word with her anymore. It was at the state of critical, this few days i ponder thinking were you the one that just help me mend it with her instantly. I don’t know but I do agree you did help out a little. You create a bridge for me to walk over.

Shall I say thank you to you? or it’s just your lost of losing me as a friend? I’m not being arrogant on how great a friend I shall be, but I do know at least I’ll be there if you needed me. Remember how I tried to cheer you up when you were being emo? Or the whole fetching issue, nope I’m not taking gratitude for it but at least I was willing to drive you around or more like I needed someone to accompany, vice versa.

I was just taken back when you yourself confirm the fact that you were treating me this way just because I hung up on you. I was stunned, that was the lamest reason to treat a person cold I’ve ever heard before. If you were treating me cold because I slap you, talk behind your back, curse your family or anything meanier than that. I would accept but if was just HUNG UP, I’m speechless. You mention that previously you told before you hate people hung up on you. I was again puzzled, when did you mention before why haven’t I ever notice? was it because I didn’t pay attention to what you said before? Nah.. I just shrugged it off later thinking it was another blame and excuse your making it up for you.

and yOu mention us putting up nonsense, who started it all first? exactly YOU! and now your saying us behind idiot, like I’ve mention you never think wisely before pouring out your words, thus your slapping right at your face all over again.

Blocking is much more worse than hide. I no doubt hide you from my news feed because I don’t wanna see what you post anymore, but at least I could still view your profile.. and you could view mine even from wall till photo. You were highlighting it wasn’t block but it was hide. Go check dictionary clearly the differences between the two words before you exclaim it again. I didn’t like the fact that you are not admitting you were blocking others as well previously. Internet has no error at times, and your dishonest really just spilled it out there and then. You were taking that we’re some dumbass that are just new to the whole technology era. Please check clearly before you again stumble to your words.

I was holding back previously whether should I call you or not. I know if the call were to get through things would end much quicker, I was giving both of us a second chance, but I know the chances are so slim, a leaf could cut through it. You were once someone dearly to me even though I need to give more than I could receive but I didn’t really mind.

The call just make my heart break, this was worst than having boyfriend dumping me. This hurt more, but it make me grow up more. I didn’t like how you were mentioning things, I was hurt from the words. And the last word that I voice out louder was ‘I’m going to say BYE BYE!’ That’s the end of everything.

Thanks for giving a lesson of life.

Now I’m not giving anymore, it scared me enough to make me stray away from it.


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