Stocking shoes not bought

Just came back from dinner at Sushi Zanmai at 1u. *BURP

Though first time trying it, it was very yummy. Loved their dressing, it has a very strong japan mayo flavour.

Was suppose to go Daiso first to get my stocking shoes, but the jam at Damansara area was horrible. I left my place around 6.15pm to fetch Puffin, the jam was so scary that I only manage to fetch her at 7.15pm like that.. and then we were once again stuck in the jam for another dunno how long.. I only manage to recall at 8.30 only I manage to reach 1Utama. Just imagine how freaking horrid is the jam situation. I can’t imagine how would life be when I go into working field.

JAM IS SCARY WEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, didn’t manage to get what I wanted, might drop by 1u again tomorrow or when I’m free. Seriously wanna get it 😦

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