Happy Holidays~

Here I am finally re-activating this blog, it’s been dead for almost half a year, was blogging at http://www.theprovenceful.blogspot.com but that was only a few DEAD POST!

Am having my holidays current, and the month of May, as in the WHOLE MONTH.. i’ll be away most of the days in the month.

My bank account is bleeding badly which is already predicted but it felt so fun just thinking about it. I haven’t had so much fun already, which is still ahead haven’t enjoyed yet.

This few days I’m helping out my dad before 9th of May reach which is a month of starting FUN!

I was going to talk about incidents that has been happening around me but i procastinate thus till now haven’t written anything. Thus, now i shall go and sleep because helping out my father tomorrow. Amen!


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