*wipes all the spiderwebs and mushroom growing around.

I abandon this particular place for quite sometime already. Guess I’ve been busy or lazy, i assume. Got so many things that i wanted to talk or rant about but just doesn’t seems to have the time to do so. I think everything that has been drag from early of the year.

Somehow this year has been fruitful, but people that i used to be close with are slowly changing into someone that i don’t know.

It hurts knowing that it felt like i was being used, but i just can’t speak for myself. I’m scared, i hate creating problem among each other. I dislike going through the atmosphere of cold and unhappy. Right now all i know is, I don’t know if this person i worth my time and effort.

Now i shall just go back to facebook, and play those stupid games. This is so that i could forget what the fuck is going on and act like nothing happen. But i know this would soon spill, because it’s over-filled already.


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