I’m in love with the drama i’m watching recently

i’m random blogging again. guess this is because i’m too lazy to start my assignment.

gotta get it done by today because i need to drop by Becky’s place tomorrow to pass her my assignment as monday i’ll be late for class.

obtw, I procastinate again. like it is anything suprising though

no shit came out from all those journal that i was suppose to write out. i’m very sorry i’m as lazy as that.

my life has been pretty juicy, thus i don’t have much time to blog either.

been randomly reading blogs, facebooking which took out a huge portion of my time, and also watching videos.

and can i curse right now?


i just started watching a drama a few days ago called Next stop, Happiness (下一站,幸福), and it was only release till the 4th episode.

T.T the worst part was i wiki-ed the info regarding how many more episode till the end of the drama.

and fucking hell 32 episodes. i hope it’s not true and to make the matter worst, the drama is only release one episode per week. that’s almost like 9 fucking months in order to finish the whole drama.

even  after i graduate the drama also won’t be aired finish. how fucking retarded is that. i’m very annoyed right now. why lah why. why must i tak ada benda nak buat pergi simply click at those pps dramas. and accidentally stumble upon this drama that makes me wait so long for it to be aired finish. I shall restrain myself from watching the drama. kalau saya tengok, saya akan gemuk lagi. wtf. damn mean T.T

good news is, i’ve already got plans planned ahead for christmas eve. now let’s hope it turns out pure fun 🙂 mahjong session, shouting session, randomly laughing out loud session.


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