Feeling Holiday-ing

Harlow dear blog,

I’m very sorry that I’ve neglected you again once I start my holiday. I’m having an ultimate semester break even though it’s merely for 2 weeks. I manage to see my baby and also go for a short getaway. I think that was what matters most. Even that could get quite tiring but i’m totally enjoying it.

Let me re-summarize how i did for my finals for Year2 Sem1.

I wouldn’t say it was blardy good, but yet i wouldn’t say it is damn bad either. it’s in the middle of both.

First paper was *trying to squeeze the memory out of my peanut memory* Public Speaking. Somehow nailed it, i think. Tips came out quite accurate thank god. but the last question i just hentam only. not much idea

Next paper was PRST, which nearly killed me. Suppose to think of a program planning event in the mere 1 hour time given. and not to mention another 8 tactics on way to promote a event. I think after the exam almost 80% all went saying ‘I’m going to take the yellow form from the admin, see the paper again next sem’. Yes, it was that hard. I just hope that i’ll pass it, hanging in the middle upper also okay. So long i don’t need to go through the hell of doing revision again for it can already.

For english and MNG paper, i think was alright. No that hard, just some very tricky questions.

and pyschology was acceptable, but a few topics that i studied no balls came out. translation paper was time dragging.

and also i think this is the first semester that out off 5 subject, 4 of the papers i came out early. I think i’ve grow old, not die die also wanna maximize the use of the time. Even though i know the 30minutes i’m inside also nothing could be produce. the only paper that i maximize is non other than PRST. fts.

Oh yeah, and to break the record. English paper was the first paper that I was late because when to eat pan mee with Beannie and also the earliest one that i came out because Beannie bitch is outside waiting for me to go shopping. Yes, inside the college waiting for me while reading Detective Conan manga.

blog, please make sure i pass all my papers, really don’t wanna do the revision for it all over again, it sucks.


My exam for this semester is also damn many event, party, and god-knows-what-that-drag-me-out-of-the-house. In between the exams, i’ve got Puffin’s birthday party, brother’s birthday dinner, Present buying, wedding scouting for clothes, Kit Mun’s wedding, Clubbing and many other randoms stuffs. for the 2 weeks, almost half of it i’m out. with the worst was, i’m having a translation paper on Monday, and Sunday was Kitmun’s wedding with ended with adjourning for clubbing. Let’s say I had the worst hangover on that day. Couldn’t even bear to focus much on the paper. just wish that i could finish it asap and get my ass back home and SLEEP! and not forgetten i went to matta fair too.

But the sem break was also well spent. with having my baby with me 🙂 my baby loves me much too. The whole week i’m back, he sticks to me most of the time. especially night, sleeping by my side. It felt great having people dependent to u



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