Blog Here I Come To Revive You

from the picture-less and wordful blog posts.

I’ve even come in term to create a list of all the journal that i must write no matter what.

Even if it had to be journals that happen in the early of the year such as January.

I die die also must write it out. I don’t bloody care if it’s f*cking backdated.


i’ve had quite a fruitful happening days lately and previously and soon-to-be.

From meeting with my bitches to besties till Super-Leng-Zai-Korean-Star-Group-That-Can-Make-Me-Melt-SS501.

those would all be posted, gimme time.

This is because currently i’m uploading all my 1000++ photos into

Yeap, i’ve finally choose to create a whole new account to start organizing my photos much more properly and not super duper messy. till it takes forever to load the page.

πŸ™‚ so i’ll spare my time to read a little bit of my Public Relations Strategies and Tools first because it takes forever to upload the photos itself. This is to in order to make me less guilty of totally taking this semesters subject as a piece of shit.

Collegemates around me are all doing revision that hardcore way. From studying till early morning or studying from midnight till morning and so on. that makes me feel bad. It was as if I’ve predicted to get those resit paper that i’m suppose to get from Chor Kuan. Yeap, babe. Somehow i felt that way.

I think this semester is Ivy-is-in-the-laziest-situation-ever. Don’t have the ‘omph’ to study AT ALL. Even my same antenna best friend at college Jynn the LongLong also felt that way too. Somehow just don’t know where did all the mood went and holiday mood just kick in without noticing.


  • Steamboat session
  • Birthday
  • Fanmeeting with SS501
  • College’s Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming Swimming
  • 5Cemerlang Reunion
  • and many other random
  • and misc. photos.

I ❀ Everybody


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