Beach please!

am feeling super lazy to start my pyschology revision, kept having the mentality that since got objective wouldn’ be any hard anyway.

Anyway, still did abit of revision, but don’t really remember much except for the parietal, frontal, occiptal and temporal.

and on the side note, my laptop is showing a sign of old age vandalism, the keypad for the ‘T’ alphabet is conk-ed. Doesn’t seems to work properly already, of all alphabet it had to be the letter ‘T’. Getting extremely frustrated whenever the ‘t’ doesn’t appear when i type on the keypad. if take to repair, don’t know cost how much. sometimes i do wonder am i a perfectionist, because i can’t take it when a small little thing bother me. Even when i were to arrange a set of culinary, i would make sure it’s at the proper position, and vertically and horizontally straight.


i had a near death experience near counter of having my car getting brushed off by our beloved Tar college bus. I swear i felt my heart stop beating for a milisecond.

Lately my baby maroon has been giving me sign that it’s going to be condemn. Not much energy left, time for a super boost for its engine.

I think Jynn, Kenzie and Eddie is getting goosebumps when they sit in my car, whenever at the infamous slope of college hall. I scared either.


the other day, i queue for an hour to get myself the ticket for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I somehow thought it was a waste of my time. Malaysia cinema’s got a few cut scene, and the movie is sort of too Hollywood-ize already. Add too much humour in it already. Don’t really like it. Till now i still prefer the first four episode.

Still am very dissapoined with it, people i know has been saying that the book is better than the movie itself. Anyone have the book, can lend me?


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2 Responses to Beach please!

  1. dK says:

    becareful when on da road. its dangerous out there. well its been a long time since we last chatted. i sure do hope u still remember me. take care ivy. dont let small things bring u down. u r strong for what i knew.

  2. Ivy says:

    🙂 seems that you know me. But with the initial ‘dk’ i had hard time trying to know who are u, sorry if i seems to be rude.

    had been getting more cautious with the road these days, unsafe i shall say

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