somehow i think i seriously need a life.

a life away from staring at the monitor screen, away from home.

i remember there was once i read that in langkawi theres a budget hotel with a friendly environment but with rates that are worth a steal. Around 15bucks a night.

I was so tempted to book my flight ticket and lug my laptop and a good book, and just go and enjoy a soothing and relaxing beach getaway.

but when i told my friends about it, they said am i being emo queen. Sigh, travelling alone doesn’t means that i’m being a emo bitch. It’s just that i wanna go somewhere alone.

It wasn’t that everyone can cater to the way i wished to travel or relax.

Sometimes my ideal way of travelling is staying at budget hotel and having fun the cheap way. Yet again, i have zero friends that could go these extreme.

so i’m left alone to try all these experiences. Or can someone throw me a friend who doesn’t mind staying at a dorm with different people from other countries but yet with the same motive of backpacking the budgeted way.


I’m ranting so bear with me.

I’ve a super-duper-easy-midterm tomorrow that have fucking shit with my country’s goal programs. test tomorrow and i’m too lazy to start to study, because i know no balls about it.

My lecturer always sits when she teachs so i call her the Sit Lecturer and this subject is be-awesome boring.

Oh, not to forget i’ve so many post that i wanted to blog that all are expired in time wise, example my genting trip, birthday and some awesome stuffs i’ve did. yet fuck this shit, nothing had been lay yet.

still wondering how to sort out the problem that i’ve created at my photobucket account. once that is solve, my pile of photos would be stumbling onto this blog layout. no more wordy wordy journals. because i’m that lazy.


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