This plan must MATERIALIZE

I’m in a secret mission currently.

am planning a fuckingtastic plan!

I just hope it doesn’t jinxed suddenly, had been waiting for this fuckingtastic moment with the bitches!!

*jumps around happily

today had to be the happiest day ever, just talking about it makes me happy.

Soo suddenly told me about it, and i just throw out my words saying we had to come out right now to discuss it! this is fucking shit is fuckingtastic.

Awww….. and so did we!

a mere few hours wasn’t enough, we’ve had so many types of boxes we need to choose through. reflection ah… reflection i beg that your rates would be affordable, you don’t have to be cheap but at least affordable.

four bitches is packing soon!!!!!!I

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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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