Fuck My Life

i was reading random blogs when i saw this website. and boy, did i have a good dosage of laughs this few days.

been having quite a bad day lately, and thought how fucked up my life was, but reading what some other people had was worst than mine. it felt much better.

didn’t know other people’s misery could turn into my ways of making myself feel better.

somehow sooner or later, wtf would be replace with fml
some random ones that i read that was p-hunny

niabby – Today, I was riding the train and fell asleep. A friend of mine got on a few stops later, and to be funny, shouted ‘BOO!’. I woke up and was so startled I peed myself. FML

alllyshah – Today, my girlfriend and I were up late watching tv when an infomercial for “male enhancement” came on. I grabbed for my phone to make a call when my girlfriend said “O honey, dont buy that, it’s okay that you’re small.” I was checking my voicemails. FML

greateasianToday, I was looking down at my paper in class and my spanish teacher asked if I was sleeping or not. I’m Asian. My eyes were open. FML

noname – Today, I was at the library studying. There was a really cute guy across the room. I decided to play it cool and walk towards his way and grab some water. Right as I walked by, my body decided to let out the loudest fart. He laughed. I kept walking & asked my friend to grab my books. FML

zach545Today, I was looking after a hamster for a friend. My dog ate it. FML

PS: there are still alot more f**cking hillarious. crap, i feel slightly guilty for being too happy over those fml.  FML

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