I’m still Alive

*blows dust off blog edge

semester break has been pretty well spent.

couldn’t wish for more. the downpoint was the moment i log into my mailbox and google reader is was what-the-fuck. it took me whole day to read all those newsletter and yet i’ve not enough done half of it.

somehow lately all i read from the newspaper is all about pathetic politic. Elizabeth Wong, nude photo? Karpal Singh, two bullets case? Plus toll, billions compensation? Lim Guan Eng, Utusan Malaysia’s defamation? when is this fucking shit going to end, I’ve people close to me not getting a job and whining how to survive. some even go extra mile to search for their job.  i’ve stumble upon this letter written by a concern Malaysia citizen.

on a cheerful note, Year1 Sem3 timetable was awesome i would say. I’ve only classes from Monday till Thursday. and the latest class was till 4pm only. There was some miscommunication with the timetable though, some have been saying timetable got fucked messed up, hopeful mine was ALRIGHT! the nice thing about having friday has a holiday was thursday can be well used for clubbing. wtf.


I miss baby alot, it’s only been less than 36 hours since i’m back to city.

Conversation i overheard when i’m back to Aunt’s place.

1. Baby playing at the playground talking to his little friends

Baby: Jom, main rompak bank!

Me: -.-” wtf

2. at mamak stall

Baby: Che-che, what is 山猪 in english?

Me: Erm, wild pig?

Baby: Nope, three pig. Then what is Burung Hantu in mandarin?

Me: *self think – I shouldn’t be wrong* 夜猫子!!

Baby: Wrong again, it’s 鬼鸟

Me: *laughs* wtf.


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3 Responses to I’m still Alive

  1. zhentasy says:

    eh..not 鸟鬼meh?LOL and babi hutan in english is wild boar….三猪。。哈哈哈

  2. omgwtfbbq? lolx!
    bad influence by u eh? main rompak bank…wahhaha! dam funny!

  3. Ivy says:

    Zhen: oops.. yup, it was 鸟鬼 that he said.
    Ed: haha.. i still laugh thinking of the rompak bank dialogue

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