2008 was simply Amazing

Finally after much procrastinating, i’m going to do this.Yes, i’m doing my flashback on what happen last year, which i would just saw simply amazing.

Sometimes i’m really grateful there’s something called blog because without it, i don’t really think i could remember a single shit about what i did for those twelve months that i was breathing, and all my memory would be just kept has a stack of photos and not much word. even though picture meant a thousand more words that wordings itself, but being able to just tak-tak-tak away happily on the keyboard was just simply happiness overwhelming.

I shall compile everything months by months.


  • i start my first journal of the year on my blog with feeling very fortunate with who i have around me. and am still feeling the same way. but actually i wanted to start it with a past year review and resolution, but i just got lazy and it slowly slowly slips away from my motivation to do it. wtf
  • Went to watch the world most SHIT-EOUS movie one could direct. Damn, thinking about it really felt like puking. I still remember reading reviews saying that that movie was worth a try and very fresh has in idea wise. i felt like throwing that asshole who says that to feed the alligator and the person who directed it be fed to the big white shark. but me being very chinese-y, decided to be very kiasu at that time to kept seated to my seat till the movie finish, or more like hoping by any slight chances that the camcorder session would be done and resume to the usual filming way. But heck, it was the same till the end. There is even a sequel filming. WTF
  • JeffreyDidi went for his National Services, the one and only Leong’s children that was being pick. I still remember we’re all very suprised that he got choosen, must have gotten a good lucky strike.  Went to visit him at his camp at Maran, Pahang. First time going there, and the highway was practically quite emptied. Netherless, it kind of shows me that National Service camp actually quite decent, not has creepy has i thought it would be. Minus, the whole unseen spirit stories that i get to know from my brother.
  • Parents decided to let me drive their trusty car, which i’m proud of myself.It’s because it shows that they trusted my skills. Wtf, which is still ain’t that good.
  • Got a shock when received news that Heath Ledger past away. Overdose is not a good friend of homo sapiens


  • I didn’t wrote any journal for this month, because i was pretty busy. It was month of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Chinese New Year was well spend at home and grandpa’s house. It was very enjoying, but without grandfather and BroGeo by my side. Pretty awkward. Last minute decision to go back to grandpa’s place, but spend my time wisely with babySamuel. Valentine was spend with the bitches. I love February, because it was pinky month for me.


  • Bought myself 2 baby male hamster and was named LittleLord and SkunkyButt. Then later bought another 2 female baby hamster named SmoochieMuah and HoneyCloud because am afraid that my male hammie would turn into gays. wtf. It was somehow a little joy arise, because i always loved to have a pet especially a puppy but my parents dislike because they think it was a burden. Sigh, when am i going to have my own baby maltese.

  • Got interested with Malaysia’s politic finally. And got so much nerve-wrecking with what happen with the politics. Follow the Election so closely that i thought i was being stupid. Quite a suprise outcome with this year’s election. Somehow Opposition was nearly same place with Barisan Nasional. Then again, i don’t even know who’s right and who’s wrong now. Sigh.
  • Finally dare to say that i want to resign, after many months of contemplating on how to inform, bagi tahu and let boss know.After informing, i felt so damn happy and suddenly my freedom was redeem. Hehe, and i was informing all my best friends about it. It was somewhat a decision that i felt quite big for myself, because i was working with my relative, so it was quite uneasy to resign in my concept.
  • I resign my job because i wanted to go back to the roots which was get myself a diploma. it was quite a dilemma for myself. I was contemplating between which course to choose. It was either one major under the mass communications. bah.. thinking back i still remember how i was frustrated for this month. Luckily in the end, family and friends gave me feedback and in the end i’m majoring in Public Relations and felt happy that i choose the right one for myself. i was that minimal close to be choosing Journalism instead. wtf
  • sign up for a fitness club and regretted it badly. less than 3 months lost the motivation and burn papers for nothing. waste of cash and time.
  • Stupid buddy TongSampah play a early April Fool’s prank with me. I fall for it and cursed like hell.  from that day onwards and i swear that i wouldn’t trust anything from my friends during the month of April FOol


  • written the most post of the year of 2008, highest count 32 journals, must have been the semi-freedom i’ve gotten. thus, i was blabbing like nuisance.
  • Accepted for my college~
  • Went for my first charity walk and awareness fun and enjoy it.


  • felt that i was very dumb for once, with cars. yup, can’t help it, i’m bad with car’s chemistry. wtf. then again, felt that there is still good people.
  • The 11th Hour at KLpac, got ticket for the movie. documentary movie
  • ZhaoYung darling’s birthday, but somehow i didn’t make it to her birthday. and i have no idea why didn’t i attend. Sigh, this is what happen if i don’t blog. i practically lost all my memories.
  • Hatyai trip with KitMun. somehow felt in love with Thailand’s Mcd, because they have the most awesome yam pie. Delicious! watch my first Transvestite Show and Tiger Show was just an eye-opener but not really that amazing, i would say.
  • Made my parents shed tears. I’m simply a very good daughter.
  • Starts my college life..
  • Travel to Ipoh for food and to spend time with JenniferSis


  • Someone I’ve met before passed away, all a sudden. i dislike accident. and it had to happen to a youth who have a bright future in front of him.
  • Hate my haircut, because decided to snip away all the dy-ed hair and become too short for my liking and had encounter problem on how to style it.
  • Starts to dislike a certain attitude of myself. and had start to establish a more unfeminine of myself. vulgar words ahead.

  • had a awesome 20th birthday party. celebrated so much that i felt that i was partying a whole week for my birthday. yet now still contemplating about my 21st birthday.


  • started a new chapter in my life. something i was surpise of too.
  • went to quite a few of public event.  each of it had so many different concept in it. Whoot!

[i’m getting lazy to continue it]


  • Become a volunteer helper for my first time. and it was a good experience
  • had my anniversary but somehow it didn’t turn into how i wanted it to be
  • GeoBro finally returns from his overseas studies. 🙂 happy moment!


  • had my finals and was studying like mad cow. but the results was satisfied.


  • lazying at home and enjoying mua time.
  • had kind of a not-so-good timetable, and i did something real bad that i hope i could mend it sometimes soon.


  • had a very carefree month, didn’t really care for anything including studies. wtf
  • went clubbing with collegemate, haha.. pure FUN!
  • Endure the most torturing subject too.. Drama! had to act and i finally felt how a actor feels. acting for like almost 2 days and the outcome was splendid. but i nearly pengsan-ed because of it. sigh.  but was somewhat i pretty good experience. hey, i’m a main lead leh.. wtf


  • Finally, am not a P driver anymore.. but till now i’ve yet to re-new my license. wtf
  • went to Port Dickson twice and each time it was a whole load of different experience. I love the beach!
  • Janice’s Wedding.. the first among the clan to get married. and venture for clubbing later.
  • Smiling moon, and i’m angry because from my place doesn’t seems to see it. sigh

Finally, i’m FINISH!

In conclusion, everything that happen in 2008 was just brilliant. I quit my job and back to studies, i started a new chapter in my life, i went for nice holidays. i get unlimited relax and i’m pampered like crazy from my family and friends.

PS: if there’s any mistake with this journal, i’m not going to change no matter what!


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