Gearing Up Soon

Cry on my shoulder – DSDS

my latest song addiction

somehow the melody, the chorus, the lyric just manage to make me felt so connected to the song.

JiaWei so happened put this folder with songs into my msn sharing folder. I so happened stumble upon it today. I think he must had put it there for quite sometime already. The thing that i like about JiaWei is, he never forget the life remedy of sharing. If he hear a new song where he think it’s nice and soothing, which is my tastebud of songs too. he would recommend it to me. I think i’ve got a good choice of new varieties of songs from him already. there are still a few other songs which i loved too. and i felt guilty for putting him aeroplane during his play a few weeks back. i’m sorry my friend.

These few days i’m down with illness. I nearly thought i was going to passed out. migrain – check, flu- check, cough – check, sore throat – check, mild fever – check, insomnia – check, sunburnt – check. I just don’t know what went wrong. in the afternoon, all i want to do it sleep, no matter how i entertain myself. i still felt like sleeping, but once it’s night.. no matter how i fucking roll on the bed. I just couldn’t bloody sleep, must have been possesed by a fucking vampire bat. I’ve skipped class for the longest time i could imagine, and i feel guilty because of it. coursework which should be handup on Wednesday wasn’t handup, duty that was suppose to be done, wasn’t done. items that was suppose to pass around, wasn’t pass around. I felt like a trash all a sudden. i think i nearly went into depression. wtf. am thinking too much

i still manage to strive it through. countless of obstacles i had encounter. i was being very clingy too these few days, my guy and my bff would be the most pitiest victim. I just couldn’t help it. I was seeking for attention, so that i feel wanted. sigh. what the fuck am i turning into?!

guess it was just some sort of PMS.


Somehow these semester hadn’t been a very fruitful one, i suppose. Guess i wasn’t paying much attention. been skipping lecturer class and wasn’t paying attention during tutorial. I might has well just go and bang on the wall.

today i had compile most of my notes into a bundle, and just knew that i had a few chapter of notes missing in action. suppose it’s time for photocopy machine era. and also handwriting copy era. my notes are all so fucking empty. sigh.

am still happy most of the bigger plus headache coursework had already handup and DONE! so not much hassle. Guess the last three assg. would be Electronic Publishing’s practical magazine, Public Relations’ group coursework and the idiotic group presentation on week 13 which i’m still sad why on earth i got choose. shouldn’t have speak so well.. SIGH!

formal clothing had yet to purchase. I spot my wallet bleeding already. and nearly dried.

Finals in a month time. Whoot! i’m a lucky bitch which haven’t even done much preparation. Law – don’t really understood, PR – Can DIE!, EP – still can survive, Drama – Barely breathing. Other two, can consider sure would be alive. Just see healthy or unhealthy only.

Somehow i spot some very serious last minute revision this semester.


Encounter some spooky experience during my recent trip to Port Dickson. which also made me so sick.

Early of the month went Port Dickson with collegemate, and then Christmas Eve would be going Port Dickson again with the bichess. and Beannie isn’t going. Sigh. how could four bitches lack of one. it turn into bichness.

I’m like so much darker like a Malay, i’m contemplating whether should i stay at the hotel most of the time when my next trip there.

But going to Port Dickson without going to the beach is like so WRONG. even though stupid Port Dickson has the most dirtiest and polluted seawater. White clothes that is soak into the seawater would be transform into yellowish shit.

Arghh… how now?


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