Janice’s Wedding

One of my high school friend got married last Saturday.

All of us, her high school friends were invited.

and because that she was the first among our friends that got married. Everyone show the tendecy to dress up.

Even Beannie, the one who i’ve went out with often, wore a one-piece dress so that it suits the event.

I nearly drop my jaw, she looks so feminine all a sudden. like drop-dead-gorgeous. minus the boyish attitude. because it was my first time in my entire life to have seen her wearing dress, minus the pinafore part.. because that doesn’t consider as a dress, more like a dress code kind of thing. not willingly somemore.

and Vivien was kind enough to says that on that day itself who ever who say a single vulgar word would need to treat those that were present a free meal.

I kept got konk-ed. wtf

Ivy + vulgar word = magnificient!! wtf…

i was practically late for the meet up. dated 5pm, reached 6pm. since that i’m changing and doing my make up at ZhaoYung’s place, i was practically rushing for everything.

I wasn’t the driver of the day, felt so happy to be able to sit at the backseat. seriously, i’m so tired of driving now. Sigh.

Us, and the bride, Jan Jan.

From left, second row: ZhaoYung, KaiSin, Bride, HuiYoong, Carmen, LaiPui

From left, first row: Beannie, YoursTruly, Vivien, Veann

i notice that there wasn’t any photo with the bridegroom. all are with the bride. Yikes.[and i don’t know what’s wrong with my camera, most photo kept being blur-ed in the middle]

I nearly went voice-less that day because the chimuis’ are suppose to follow the bride when going to tables for yamseng session. us, we just practically being the soundbox, shouting only. drinking the alcholic drinks for the groom, were all being done by the hengdais’.

I was one hella of a great day, endless laughter, and jokes. A pretty good time for catching up session too.

Everyone was so lady on that day itself. and i think i over-drink. i was pretty tipsy after the wedding session. Friends had to be beside me, just in case i trip and fall with my 5inch killing high heels. and embarrass myself till death do us apart. i felt so mempersiasuikan because i got tipsy by just a few drinks. wtf.

I hereby wish the bride and groom, be has loving as they are now. and be together forever~


After the wedding session, we all went to Maison for clubbing time.

Had some problems at first, with calling the guys, and accumulating homo sapiens so that they could afford to buy a bottle of drinks.

I think i was kind of annoyed there. it took nearly an hour to settle things down. i was being very pushy here.. a total bitch. *roar*

couldn’t really help it, because it was all so tiring to be just waiting and not knowing what to do.

and my feet had to deceive me on that clubbing night. hurt alot too.

i could barely stand for long with my 5inch killing heels. i think i was being bitchy for kept complaining about how it hurts and numbs.

but it was so much fun.

Beannie and HuiYoong was first timer, but they dance so well, my eyes nearly pop-ed.

it’s pretty much one memorable day to be added to my list of ‘Things I did When I Was Alive, Which Was Happy and Interesting’.

In the end, i went back home at 7am. without sleeps. and slept till 6pm. I’m a heroin already. wtf

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