Happy Birthday To Zhen

Happy Belated Birthday To Lim Kuok Zhen

or also known as to me is Zhen Tan – steam egg, Chopping Board, Rambutan Head

Whee~~ It was somewhat of a suprise party but i don’t know whether did it turn out surprise to him or not. =) But i do hope ur slightly surprise..

Even my beloved English tutor, Mr.Ng was sweet enough to help me to pull it through by trying to drag the time so that i had time to prepare.

Below are all the photo’s take. Picture tells a hundred stories without even wordings needed.

First batch of photos are all taken in the classroom.

Birthday Boy with the Goldfish Eyes Look

Lighted Candle On a Cake With The Bday Boy [sidekick – bee woman, and Mee Peace]

Group photo.. all respective B4 homo sapiens

Full Potrait.. Everyone is so Happy here!!

I don’t know about others, but i always try to find the slightest possiblity i had to celebrate almost anything. I stil remember last time i used to celebrate dates like, i quit my job, i forget about my ex, i got something i wanted & i receive something from my loved ones.

Yup, i had whatever reasons i had to celebrate.. my bitches tend to know about these..

Respective current B4 and Ex-B4.

[somehow when i look at this photo so many possiblity match up in it.. *hint hint]

The suprise party in classroom couldn’t be for too long, has another course was suppose to use the classroom after us. Thus, we adjourn to TBR..

Basically our tables was the NOISIEST! all thanks to the presence of all those noisy ones. Somehow i think i’ll need to lower down my volume already. Because i tend to talk at this very loud voice that people would think that i think that they are deaf, so i had to talk that loud volume.

I think it was B4’s first experience having 5 tables combine together at TBR, anyway some of the people when to toilet when this photo was taken. thus the emptiness at certain spots.

and he was molested cukup-cukup from the guys.. Ended up so damn creamy, because we had the usual smash-cake ceremony!

Oh, and it’s a trend in DPR1 B4 right now, no matter present or ex-b4. It’s a MUST to be smash-cake already. If not your not eligible to be called as a B4-rians.

Finally, the birthday song.

The purpose of singing this Birthday song was to wish him, but i think we were evil enough too. haha, sidekick of singing this Song was to make chopping board embarass.

Your a Big Boy Now!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday To Zhen

  1. zhentasy says:

    Thx ya Guyz!!LOl i did surprice…haha!and i feel so touching… T.T…Love u GUYZ!!THX again and again!

  2. Ivy says:

    your most welcome~~ hehe..
    birthday is something worth celebrating.

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