i hate acting


I’ve finish up my drama play. Duration needed = 2 days.. from 8am, Saturday till the next day 7pm, Sunday.

Can die already.

Just by cleaning up bryant’s place and doing the settings also already very long. I think we started our acting at night around 7pm like that. and just for scene 8 itself, we took almost 9 hours just to act it. and by the time it’s almost 6am, we thought of want to act scene 9 too, but everyone was so fucking tired that it was so hard to act up our character. So in the end, we slept til 9am, then went for breakfast, starting acting at 12pm.

bah.. tired!

we even had to do the last minute sleepover, nobody even plan for it.

I nearly went nuts trying to understand and act the character, and ended up too over pressure myself and burst into crystal tears.! wtf

many photos and NG scene to be uploaded soon.

i’m still largely traumize by the acting.


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