Clubbing with CollegeBabe and CollegeDude

i’m still feeling the numbness at my feet. didn’t know it would last for days.

didn’t know that high heels is such a torture, never felt like this before. i think i was squealing like shit the other day because of the high heels.

last thursday went to clubbing with college friends.. it was one hella amazing night or i would say sleepless night.

the planning of it was one heck of a mess. i assume. one is here, one is there, everyone was everywhere.

Total pax that went was 10 person. Yours Truly, Jynn, Eddie, Asther, Bryant, Crime, Huay, Race, Chin, Hwa

Meeting point was at my house, because the others wanna get back home and change first.

Asther was the bravest of the night, because she’s those good girl type. I was really suprise that her mother let her out that night even though not for the purpose of letting her overnight at people’s house.

Everyone says wanna try out clubs at Sunway area, it’s to be choosen among Barcelona, Coco Banana or Euphoria.

Since i got my tragic lesson from barcelona don’t really wanna go there, plus the music at that place was more of the techno types. Jynn and Race even said that place usually have fights. Euphoria also couldn’t choose because we’re dead confuse between is it 18 above or 21 above. Don’t really wanna embarass ourselves in at the entrance by disallowing us to get it.

That day was the earliest day i’ve ever been to a club. we reached around 10 something. The moment we went it, it was quiet empty except for the sight of a few uncles. Seriously, the place is really full with uncles, as i could see.

Somehow, i get to see the order other side of my college friend that night. everyone seems to be so different. after a few cups of alcoholic drinks and getting tipsy. The first person who was drunk first was bryant. hehe.. the loser!!! Jynn was more of the protective one of the night, taking care most of us. I even had to let him drive back, because i want to couldn’t drive. When they are in the party mode, they just seems so happy and excited! Only Asther was the most positive girl, no drinking no smoking! but more on dancing..

I think so the funniest memory that i had that night was the way Bryant and Crime dance. and also me wanting to wear sneakers! i was insisting asking Crime to let me wear his sneakers.. he was sweet enough to sacrifice his sneakers for my high heels.

We left around 3am and adjourn to drinking tea session which just lasted for 30 minutes before the 6 of us crashed at Joanne’s place who was kind enough to wait for us. touched!!

Ivy was forced awake for the whole night because first, i don’t really felt like sleeping because if i do, it would just be for a mere few hours. second, Crime says he wouldn’t be sleeping and ask me to tag along and chitchat till the sun rises. and chitchat we did. then drag ourselves to college later. had to sent Jynn back home first, because she wasn’t feeling well.

Dragging myself to college later, nearly doze off during english classs and then doze off during PR class. but being awaken all a sudden because of a sudden issue. and succeed in attending all my tutorial class except lecturer class. No absence!!

In simple, i had an amazing night!


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