currently doing my Emily of Emerald Hill report. good ol’ tutor decided to let us know about it today and hand it up today next week. I’m so peer pressure right now.and the worst part of it that i think i heard good lao chu nv says that when she starts teaching the novel Streetcar Named Desire, the week after would be the time where we would show our play. i just hope i misheard.

somehow this semester has been totally tiring, well-worn, worn out, spent, stale out, distressed, fatigued, haggard, dead on one’s feet, and simply collapsing. you think of the word, i’m in it.

I regret alot about all those cancellation of lecturer classes and tutorial class. bloody hell, if the tutor or lecturer decided to have replacement, i would drown myself in my own tears. In total, i’ve got like 5 cancellation of lecturer classes with only one of it had already the replacement which left 4 more to go.

On the other note, it’s already week 5. I’m yet to start on my law paper assignment. Even the acting for the Drama had yet to start. With week 8 being the mid-term week, it seems that i would be well worn-out by that time. endless night of awake, it seems to me.

My electronic publishing coursework also haven’t really touch on it yet. all i know is i’m doing a menu, but final sketch had yet to be design. the one i show my tutor the other day was just merely something to show her that we did something which was plain nothing.

English group work also had yet to touch. Boy, i’m so lucky already.

me being the MCS commitee is dead tired. Suppose to design my brochure and flyer but bloody hell, i’ve no idea how to use the adobe that i had to ask Eddie to do for me. it was a task given to me 2 weeks ago, but i kept procastinating. yes, that’s my style. heard another committee told me that if the noticeboard sketch is finalizing would need to do it tomorrow, and this friday might need to help out in designing the canopy and then saturday need to go and be a helper for the fundrasing. reach college at 6.30am, how to have sleep like that?

and thursday would be going out with collegemate and somehow when the sun is about to rise only would i be at home, that is if i come back my own house and not others. and no excuse for me to skip the class the next day either. 8am class, oh gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m so going to crash into my bed on saturday night, and both my cellphone should be throw into the dustbin in the offmode.

everyone is feeling that this semester seems to be more lazy than last semester. sigh. even those that are teaching us are like so much more lazier.

i miss my bitches, haven’t seen them in the longest time. that is like 2 weeks of not seeing them. I wanna play badminton! i miss going to the beaches, the last time i went was my last trip to penang. port dickson, anyone?


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