Adorable would be him

i don’t know is it something wrong with my internet connection only, or so is everyone else?

It took my forever to load webpage with photos and even loading my post section at wordpress seems to take forever.

what the hell is going on with my connection?

or can someone teach me how to do the secure connection for wireless connection? i don’t seems to know how to do the secure wireless connection where i could put password for it.

somehow, i assume someone is using my wireless connection because i didn’t secure it.


just came back from penang yesterday, it was somehow trips that i always look forward for. the image and thought of just going back to baby samuel’s place is just so heart warming. took so many photos that somehow i felf so happy just because of it. I think i look through those photos so many time, i thought i was insane.

but the more i look at the photos the more i miss him. those 3 days being with him just doesn’t seems enough. his small hand holding mine, his good night complains, those suprise kisses i get from him, and those quirky english phrases that he uses. how old are you? i’m fine. [the pronounciation seems like how are you? to him] or even waking up to having him sleeping just by your side. or his effort to do something to make me impress and when i praise him. he’ll blush. and if i don’t do something the way he want or get something he wanted, he’ll pout and just sit by the corner with the very sad face.

the next time i’m able to see him would most likely be chinese new year. [sighes] so many more months to endure. I’m not even sure am i going back or not, since chinese new year is in between of the finals exam for semester 2.


i’ve got a few assignments due, and i’ve yet to touch any yet.

somehow this semester, I GOT LAZY. fuck that.

had to get it done after cleaning up my room.

the good ol brother didn’t help me to clean up my room while i was away.

now my room has a glass of half drank water, 2 bottles of pringles, clothes that had been wore, and a very messy blanket and pillows everywhere.

Small Note

– i’ve straighten my hair, outcome not really the way i hope for it. but whatever. couldn’t be bothered yet again

– i’m felt so accomplished 5 hours ago, i manage to bargain off RM9 from the item that i bought. even though another watch dealer told me that the watch actually could be bargained till 99 bucks. It was my first time bargaining in a shopping mall. The stuff that i paid for cost me 150bucks. sigh, it doesn’t seems so accomplished after all.

-my trust 7250n seems to be functioning well again. dunno what happen to it, must have bang it at the right spot, i guess

– someone can teach me how to use Adobe Indesign? or any reconmmended website where i could learn from it easily.

– this weekend need to attend Veann’s open house. That girl told me it was during Lantern Festival, dunno why suddenly change till these late.

– fuck, forget that appointment with Umbrella for that facial of hers.I dislike when my friends into multi-level marketing business. because it meant that the purpose to meet up with u, or help u out is just so that might have chance to sell a few more bottles, and earn some incentive or what-ever-fuctive

– Large Note, don’t watch Soul’s Code if you don’t like to see thai movie. but if you do, and you prefer thai movie which is horror and thriller, also don’t go and see. Because this movie seems to be more like a investigation kind of movie. Even though it was scary FOR ME! because basically i’m scared of all scary movie. me and my collegemate watch untill yawn [that would be for Asther]


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One Response to Adorable would be him

  1. joanni says:

    I love your new hair. You look pretty! And the watch with the pink face is cute too. ^^

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