i’ve been cleaning up my room almost once a week.

All thanks to my messy-ness and my brother’s clean-ness

Almost each weekend there is a few hours solely spend in cleaning up my room, and half day playing my mini games. [Shout : Edwin, It’s all Your Fault for my game addict!!!!!!!!!!!]

My weekend is almost finishing. Why must weekend pass faster than weekday?

I’ve had a few task that needs to be pass to my seniors tomorrow. And i’ve not even touched it yet. I’m so lazy to even start doing it. Yesterday, installed the Adobe software already, and i’m so lost in how to use it. I need humongous guidance for this already. All thanks to this semesters assignment needs to use it, I’m so gonna rely on Kringiz to help me out already. If not i’m DOOM-ed!


Yesterday went all the way back to Seremban for a wedding dinner of my Mother’s family side. [pondering] wondering what day was yesterday? because it seems that alot of couple got married yesterday. i saw four wedding cars on the way to and fro from college yesterday.

Somehow, Why must wedding dinners always CANNOT start on time????????????? The wedding invitation cards stated that it starts at 7pm! Me and family reached 6.50pm! Me and my brother waited till we nearly fell asleep. He was psp-ing the whole time, and i’m seeing him psp-ing the whole time. Thus, i’m more BORED than him.

The dinner only starts at 8.30pm. A whole good fucking an hour plus of waiting for nothing. I kept whining and complaining to my brother on how wasted my hours was used for.

If i’m going to get married one day, IF i’m so gonna make sure my dinner starts on time thus the dinner would most likely start at 8.30pm

It’s also yesterday, I Felt very Adult yet again. My parent trusted me with their life to let me drive all the way back from Seremban to KL at NIGHT!

It was still under supervision thou, Mother kept going don’t speed don’t SPEED! the quickiest i could go was only 120km/h

First, was because still under supervision. Second, was because I’m still not so confident with my driving skill, even though I could speed till 140km/h with my MaRoon Baby and the fact i could drive faster than my dad. Third, I can’t see clearly when i drive at night, night vision problem. Not can’t see clearly, it’s just when the opposite carlight flashes my cornea. I had a few bad seconds couldn’t see anything. Seriously.

In total, it took me 40mins to reach KL, which is average speed.


The love of my life is neglecting me yet again. When would this end?


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