I had an Amazing Day!!!!

13 people gather together? a great dosage of laughter and great moments.

and everything just happen so spontaneously.

sometimes i kind of feels that things that weren’t plan way to early and did it on the same day, on the spot is really something fun.

okay, normally i don’t write about something i did at a day in a very detail and specific order but somehow i felt like today is a must to write it this way. that’s only if i manage to finish the whole journal.

went to green box and have a good time singing karaoke for a good 4 hours.

but before that went to have sushi king at times square with Jynn, Kenzie, Eddie and KC. all thanks to the promotion of RM2.

Then again, we only could get those sushi from the kaitan belt, thus alot of other sushi weren’t tasted. and pity Kenzie, she was waiting for her fried scallops sushi, it was only when we go and pay the bill we saw the sushi chef doing it. wtf..

back to karaoke session, damn! everybody was shouting not singing including me.

it was full of laughter too. everybody was so hyperactive and funny all a sudden =)

I just had an amazing day today~

so amazing that i felt dead tired now.

and it was a mere reunion with ex-b4 too..


It didn’t turn out as interesting as i thought it would. anyway, couldn’t be bothered.

Off to bed.

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3 Responses to I had an Amazing Day!!!!

  1. Kuan says:

    yer…i din go 2day,gt chinese class,miss the opportunity go sing k wif u oh.next time lah,next time will go 2gether!!haha..

  2. ZhunChai says:

    Lol, towards a certain point I was thinking of blogging it, but oh well. (:

    Ps: Singing for 4 hours was really tiring.

  3. Ivy says:

    Kuan : Don’t worry, there would be the second time. Some are already so eager kept asking for a second sing k session.

    ZhunChai : nah, you should blog about it!! it was real tiring after the singing session

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