Another College Life Day

Sometimes i wonder what does certain people have in mind? is it that making a chaos about a close friend of you in ICU something so interesting that it was worth playing?

An hour ago, little brother receive sms that his best friend is in the hospital because of an accident and his situation is not stable. Man, my brother nearly burst into bloods.  Then an hour later, he found out that it was a girl creating a situation about it.

I felt kind of sick about it.

What’s with telling people your sick when you wasn’t even having a single flu?

Those mentality is hard to be understood, more like totally insane.


First day of college? totally devastating.

First subject of the semester? Introduction to Drama? Rating? 2 out of 5

The lecturer told us that we need to study 3 literature book Emily of Emerald, Streetcar Name Desired, Phymilaion [wtf, don’t remember how to spell it already]

The lecturer seems to be quite mean when she is teaching but after that, i went to talk to her regarding the course. She seems to be kind. But like what bryant says maybe she’s holding a knife behind her back. Bizarre! or like eddie says maybe she is just acting. wonders of possibilities.

I went to the college library with Kate to search for the three book. Found it, but hate it!

On a funny note, there were also people who had the same mentality thinking with me. There were another 2 PR student who went and search for the book too. I think they found only 2 of the 3 books required.

[big wide smile]

and we were lucky enough to spot all the three books which took us nearly one and a half hour.

Forgotten about the fact that library could only let us lend two books, we took 4 books connected to this course and took another 2 books for the joy of reading. End up, we could only take those four books that is use for study.

The book was totally pathetic. I think i would need to marry my Mr.Dictionary already because the words in the novel is just Oh-So-Complicated-And-Hard-To-Be-Understand.

Let’s hope i manage to endure this subject. But the lecturer’s teaching skill is like lighting, fast and unseen.

Tomorrow is Mass media Law. Heard seniors mention that most PR student usually resit this paper. It’s just so common. sigh


I love because my IE suddenly close itself, luckily wordpress usually automatically saves it for me. Even though you couldn’t let me do things with ur css code and couldn’t let me put my but at least you still let me have a password-protected post.


Badminton for this weekend, my bitches seems to be addicted to this sport already. 🙂


the whole everyone is separated issue is so sad case. most of them wanna change back to b4 but the fact that is wasn’t easy kind of dampen their fire. it took me a two hours to help Kate to write her appeal letter. two pages of letter and 1000+ words.

Yes, imagine the crappi-ness that was created by the two of us. She was giving me ideas and i was crapping the ideas for her.

Now i just hope the letter Mr.Lee would just accept and approve it.

Some still don’t know about the whole transition issue.

the idea of obtaining new group main all over again is tiring. even writing it out is still TIRING!


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