This Song is Emotions Overflowing

Endless Story – Yuna Ito

this is how song were suppose to be.

emotions overflowing.

sometimes i don’t get it what’s with all those latest trend in songs [even though, i still hear a portion of it] like songs from flo rida, hei she hui mei mei, Kid Rock, Chamellion.

those song are like just by-passer. once hear, then that’s it. nothing felt, nothing sense, just a plain song. yet they could still sell the CD. whereelse those that really produce good music wasn’t really appreciate.

and the worst part, those that can’t sing could still be singer. [points finger at F4] but somehow i tend to find that Chinese artist are really annoying. they can’t sing yet, but still can sell their album. either the fans are blind, or the artist got magic power. wtf.

if i ask my friends, somehow they could remember songs from the 80’s and 90’s more than the current songs. the songs are all being aired quickly and vanish quickly too. wtf

That’s why i’m wondering why the heck music industry still ask people to support original?

when they couldn’t produce good quality music, they still expect people to flunk out RM49.90 for a piece of shit that have 12 songs but maybe only 2 songs are hear-able. others are still the pile of shit.

Original cd that i’ve bought before are countable because it is that sad. no good quality music. others are all either get it from friend or download. what to do, i don’t want to waste my moolah. even buying it from pasar malam for RM5 per piece, i also take it as a waste of my money.

ORIGINAL? Tak nak! Piracy? Tak nak! Other Than That, Boleh!

Malaysia Boleh! wtf.

Oh, if i were to mention about artist from our Bolehland, damn it would be more cursing to do. wtf


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