Bad dream

i had a really bad dream yesterday night.

i dream that i was at a very big bungalow at a remote area.

then i dream that in the living room there is only me and another loved one of mine.

when we sleep, we off all the light.

and i kept seeing a white figure at the kitchen there.

i could clarify that it is a guy. wearing white clothes with a very short hair.

i remember in my dream i cry out loud and shout out loud but my loved ones doesn’t seems to hear my voice. it was as if he was deaf and i went mute.

i tried to on the light but something kept making it off. i was closing my eyes, but i could feel the presence of it. i could feel the figure was watching me. i could feel that the figure wanted to hurt me.

i was so scared, i wake up from my sleep. holding my pillow tight trying to calm myself down.

till now, i still could think of the dream so clearly. it was hardly ever so surreal the incident.

i just hope the whole dream doesn’t turn out deja-vu.

touch wood!


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