i did fairly

[wipes all the dust and algae at blog]

i’ve been neglecting this space again. guess the writing passion again lost its sparks.

Let me summarize how did i did my papers. since i’ve out of topic to talk about but die die also wanna crap about something. wtf

Mass Communication paper: overall okay, but i think i did a few mistakes and a few subtopic i didn’t memorize that well

English paper: my essay about the benefit about having good neighbours was totally written out of a crap. grammar section was like primary school. Comprehension section was quite hard

IT paper: still can survive, but then again didn’t memorize some topic of it. wtf

Hubungan Etnik paper: I’ve written about how shitty over here. but Kate told me that the question paper leaked that’s why change a new paper. bloody hell, like that also can!

E-Commerce paper: acceptable too, but was crappy like crazy.

E-Media: i lose some marks over quite a certain of silly mistake. Bah.


almost each paper i maximize the use of 2 hours except for H.E and IT paper. H.E. was just because i was plain fucked up and don’t wanna drag myself to go through a whole 45minutes of torturing myself to think of some crap which i don’t even know what the heck was it. Plus, i’ve leave the era of high school like n-years ago. Malay language was suddenly so alien to me. If you saw my presentation the other day for H.E, i was going like if awak menghormati pakaian tradisional, awak seharusnya memakai pakaian tradisional because ia melambangkan identiti awak. That’s why i got bloody low mark for my presentation. whilst, IT paper was just because i wasn’t driving to college that day, and in order to get myself away from the hassle of people mountain people sea, i had to leave early so i don’t need to queue up with half the Tarc college people. Btw, i broke the record of reaching to my house the earliest, time consumed one hour and five minutes. Whoot!

PS: i was having a whole crying week, watch Money No Enough 2 – cried the heck out of me, that Kate say i over-reacted. Moonlight Resonance – i cried from episode 1 already, now i’m only till episode 11. Damn, more tears to shed.


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