Grow A Bun You Lecturer!!!!!

i really did restricted myself from blogging because i tend to felt guilty if it happen. even though i still check random blog, check mail, facebooking

but NOW i really want to have a spot or space for me to COMPLAIN!

Bloody hell

Fuck you H.E. lecturer.

damn you cipet, all those fucking tips you gave us, almost none came out. Akodomasi? damn u lah..kodomo lion!!!

waste my time to wake up early in the morning kept memorizing those Konsep SI and Perlembagaan and God Knows What The Fuck Is It All About.

the moment i went into the exam hall and saw those questions especially the Section B, i was like cipet. If i fail this subject, imma cry till i’ll bled and see how to vandalise that freaking lecturer’s car.

but even if i don’t fail, and get lower than B, i’ll still feel angry and annoyed and (@*)(&!)($^)*!@#^T)*!&$_)!%#

Because it shouldn’t have happen, bloody asshole gave us tips that are all so fucking complicated that even memorizing it cost me a fortune of brain space.


god, i’ve been a very good girl this year, all i wish for right now is that i pass my exam and get a B, the least. I don’t mind if it’s an A. and second, i wish the lecturer would trip and fell. and knock her/his head till it grows a big bun!!


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6 Responses to Grow A Bun You Lecturer!!!!!

  1. joann says:

    Tell me about it Ivy…. T.T

  2. Provence says:

    T___T it’s like a waste of time studying it right?

    sigh. stupid lecturer

  3. your blog is too …polite?
    should use up those !@%%$!@^$#!%$#@^#$@^$#@%$$#!%$#!@ words more on the lecturer…

    CODOMO LION!! wtf!

  4. Ivy says:

    T____________T i still felt very annoyed over the H.E. tips

    waste my fucking tip.

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  6. kate says:

    eh… chill chill… u noe y all din come out?
    cz hor… last min de tips bocor… so de whole paper change jor…
    don mad le… be happy yea

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