Random Notes

Just finish finalizing my six subjects of notes.

Respective classmate kept lending my notes, and i think i’m getting tad too annoying with taking out my notes off and on again.

Last minutes request would not be entertained sometimes, don’t make it too last minute. I’m tired of finding through my sacks of extra notes. It’s tiring.

I’m tired of asking and not getting feedback too. wtf.

The only benefit i get right now was, i could memorize all those tips that were given by the lecturer. I’m like a fucking living Tips Giver. Damn cipet!


Before the arrival of final exam, i’ve already thought of what to do on after my last paper, Introduction to Electronic Media. Last paper exam ends at 11am.

Forsee, karaoke session, swimming and ended by steamboat.

A good way to motivate myself and reward myself from all the lack of sleep that i predict would happen. and the night would be spend at home sleeping for more than 12 hours. If able too.


A friend of mine just got screw up! The dangerous part of having a blog is that if you write about ur discomfort or dislike towards another friends of yours. and that friend of yours found out.

Your practically DOOM. the chances that you could save the friendship is just either than Girl B would be understanding and change what that was written in the blog, or Girl A need to bow down on what happen.

Friendship? Worth saving..


I felt like a living human with no proper soul. My mind seems to be flying elsewhere. Must grab it back already. it’s getting way too wrong


Weather has been extremely pleasing. Cold, Cooling and windy. Me likey.

had my evening nap almost everyday already. My parent is thinking what the hell i do in college that could cost me to become so tired.

Mother, Father!!! Exams Lorh..


Wouldn’t blog that often, because i would feel guilty if i do that.

EXCEPT for short notes.


Back to games! i’m still in the fall season of harvest moon. Why so hard one? WTF


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