Ferris Wheel Life

Lately my life seems so much life a ferris wheel, every happy things keep coming and sad things do coming too but in a better way.

Met a few new friends today (waves to Lily, Lily Twin and Ainee) and very happy over it because this three friends all so happen stay so nearby to my place. I can see many session of night market coming soon. me likey.

Another last day tomorrow for table tennis cocurricular and i’m done. Kind of miss it because it means less time to be spend with my table tennis friends (watery eyes at Li Chin, Tao Meng, Heng Hui and etc) but don’t need to be afraid because i’ll make sure i don’t make the friendship sink.

That girl over there is in love and she’s happy over it *big wide smile

I am happy over every moment spend at home lately, even though it’s hot, humid and HOT. I still love to be at home. I love how the siblings all sit at the living room having pillow talk, watching Olympic, playing Mario Party and basically doing nothing.

I miss my secondary friends, babes, when can we have another major gathering? me wan updates!


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