TLC, Tender Loving Care

okay, basically it isn’t Tender Loving Care but its Truly Loving Company.

Me purposely change it, because Tender Loving Care seems more Loved.

I volunteer to be a helper for college’s TLC campaign, or maybe you could say a senior ask me to helped out.

Went back to college on Sunday to help to do the decoration and colouring those boards. It was pretty fun, because i could mix around with seniors and know more info regarding the course i’m studying right now. Lucky me, all senior that i mix at TLC was all from Public Relations course, and there’s Advertising course as well.

Tuesday i went to become helper as well, but maybe because i was a little bit lazy, i didn’t help as  much hours as i’ve promised. But i didn’t really not do ANYTHING. I went to library to complete my past year paper questions. [which has finally finalize and COMPLETED, now only left to do the answers]

Today, i went and help out pretty average. Become their delivery girl. sent things to receiver. It’s really nice. i sent one moisturizer to a lecturer who was having his class. and the lecturer so cute. asking me? who sent me this? i’m very smelly meh? why do i even need this? the whole student in that DK1 was laughing, and i think i did too. can try out this kind of suprise for lecturer’s next time already. a pretty nice way to appreciate, BUT only if those lecturer is really good. 

Right now i’ve got stuff to do. sad. had to do a editorial report for Mass Comm Society for the committe job. wtf.

Oh, either than the benefit of experience that i’ve got. I also manage to get myself two cute t-shirt from TLC from free. 

Worth it right?


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