Wii, latest family game addition

It was total FUN!

Just now me, Geo Kor, Jeffrey Bro, Mother and Father was at the living room experiencing something new. Okay, maybe practically for us and not Geo kor.

He bought back a new game.

Father had fun playing it. The view of my father age almost going to be 50 playing games that only teenagers would play was pure fun.

Just now when he was playing the Wii; Boxing it just felt so cute. he’s body language, gesture and movement could give me enough dosage of laughter, care and warmth. At least Father took the effort to blend together with us. One word, CUTE!! my father is the cutest father ever. how not to love him more.

and right now he’s playing tennis with Geo Kor. kept going another one more round, again and again. I love my father.

and Jeffrey was hillarious too, with his boxing style.

and right now in the memory lies 6 members of people in it.

Mummy had pure fun just watching too.

It never felt better now


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