Everyday is Happy ‘B’ay

I am absolutely surprisingly and still very tired.

I think from the time i came back from Penang. I haven’t had much rest. or absolutely NO

Everyday seems so busy and restless. Let me sum it up. *think think* Came back on monday

Tuesday; went for class and came back practically very late because had to fetch Jeffrey too. Watch drama till morning again

Wednesday; came back home at 9pm, still the same. watch drama

Thursday; came back home at 5pm, finish the drama ‘Forensic Heroes II’ that i lend from Kate. Sleep at 4 in the morning

Friday; came back home at 8pm because went for the TLC campaign briefing. then after cleaning up my room and house. drive all the way to SiewChin’s place for satay session. slept pretty late because we’re having fun blabbing.

Saturday; went for karaoke session after that went for steamboat session again at Yuen’s. Came back home, change. go out to cybercafe. Came back at 1am. then slept at 3am. Oh, forget to mention. SiewChin came to my place to overnight, together with 2 other classmate.

Sunday; went to college to help seniors to do the decoration for TLC. came back at 7pm. Now, sitting in front of the computer, chatting with the love of my life and blogging.

Future Monday; waking up at 5am and goes to airport to fetch Geo Kor. [widest smile]

and enjoying every moment i’m living now.


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