What happen when you wanted to give it a shock? nothing turn out correctly, instead the person show u the whatever face.

Answer, very pissed off me.

I know everyone has different attitude, and emotions from time to time.

But not appreciating 19ppl’s kindness, is just something i think pretty weird.

Everyone took the effort to write down wish and msg, but all the box got was keep it, i don’t want to receive it today

Am still very wtf over the whole issue.
Bah, couldn’t care less. Next time must choose people correctly.

Guess homo sapiens are weird.

On a brighter note,

Countdown 3 more days and Geo Kor will be back home.

Busy Note,

would be helping out with TLC campaign this sunday, from 2pm till late, which is when everything is setted up.

A very busy Ivy this coming few days.


About Ivy

Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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