Someone Significant

the visual of his face is getting more and more unclear.

it was as if he’s becoming more and more insignificant for me.

he was once someone very special in my life, the one where i could pour all out and just hug as hard as i could when i felt like i’m lack of love.

is it because of the distance, time or just us?

all a sudden, he felt more like a stranger than a brother to me.

i don’t know what’s going on with his life and he doesn’t knows what had i been living on.

he promised me alot of picture and updates before he left to the land of bill gates. but he ignore me when i was asking for updates and picture.

he still owned me pictures from Disneyland, LA and NYC.

i think so i ask one too many times till i felt reluctant to ask him again and again. all updates that i could obtain was mostly from his girlfriend. it was as if all a sudden i had a sister but lost a brother.

Yes, it was that bad.

Even when i’m going through a downside of my chapter, i couldn’t seems to find him as my listener and adviser. He was too busy undergoing his training and studies.

The word ‘miss’ has been said alot of times, but i don’t know i could feel the presence of the word or not.

he was once someone so close to me. the one where i would know what does he intends to do or wants to speak and also someone who would mainly know what i want. Now? i don’t know a nut about what would be spoken.

GEO LEONG!!! when your back you better compensate all the lost that you had make towards me!

*big wide smile*

i want to hear about his grandma stories; getting your dragon western style tattoo, the winter times, going to NYC, your appetite going at there, and etc.

all i know there would be story so much, i could write a book.

he’s coming back this coming Monday, 6am flight.

a day that i would skip lecturer class but could spend a whole day with him. I assume the day would be spend at home sleeping for him because i know he’ll be death tired by them.

i missed both his important convocation, one was during diploma and now degree. *sigh*

i felt bad because i know if he didn’t come for my convocation i would kick his balls and show him my chili pepper face for a whole month. i’m that ye man.


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