Miss My Baby Samuel

how does it felt if you’ve forgotten the important date of your loved ones?

😦 i would say it’s damn saddening.

i’ve always had problem remembering dates, reasons and gifts.

and this time i’ve forgotten baby Samuel’s birthday. it was untill Mummy called me and mention to me about it only did i remember.

what kind of sister am i?

i remember other people’s birthday and not him.

i nearly felt as if i’m the worst sister of all and should dug a hole and jump in and DIE

college has been buying most of my time now, it almost felt that i don’t even have time for myself.

for the whole week, i think i only manage to talk to my parents for more than 20 words yesterday.

I’ve been outside, jumping aroudn and hardly at home.

Mother complain to me about how i’m hardly at home.

when i told them i’ll be away for four days, i felt guilty. the expression the show was simply saying why aren’t you at home again?

and best of all, i’m sick now. had been sick for the past few days.

Wake up with fever, then later still drag myself to college and suffer the few hours there.

and i didn’t take good care of myself too.

when to have bbq + steamboat. Yes, i’m that stupid for still eating those and not take good care of myself.

the second day was spend at college, sneezing, coughing and shivering.

and now, i’m having sore throat, cough and flu.

can i be heatlhy back? i want to go for my holiday before final revision starts

I’m leaving like in another few hours for Penang.

would be back on Monday.

Luckily one of my collegemate stays around Baby Samuel’s place.

I miss him alot

but somehow i know this time i wouldn’t have enough time to spend with him.

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2 Responses to Miss My Baby Samuel

  1. fooyo..dun get baby Samuel infected!! its really sad watching a CUTE baby like him sick..>w< i dint know you’re sick tim…coz u dont look like you are..take good care of yourself lar.. (coz i dunwanna get infected)..XD

  2. Provence says:

    my baby is hyperly healthy one.

    am still not feeling well after the trip.

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