There’s Nothing As Forever

Relationship and friendship.

Both might be different no matter physically or mentally but there is that something that it share in common.

both of the condition needs to have both parties to make it work.

If you expect your boyfriend to love u unconditionally, but you in return treat him like a slave or money printer machine. then your relationship might as well wouldn’t work and end after 3 months or worst 10 days.

If you want your friend to be there for you always, then you must do the same to them to. you can’t expect them to suddenly treat u like a princess/prince, when you in return couldn’t care a single shit and all you think about is only yourself.

it takes both handpalm to create clapping sound.

I always notice people whine about how friends come and go. and there’s nothing like friends forever anymore. it just wouldn’t fucking last.

maybe i do agree on that. there is nothing as Forever. but i do remember know there’s a word Now.

you manage to put the correct cement and do it nicely. those friends of yours would be there for you, even though you hardly meet up.

it doesn’t meant that meeting up everyday, calling each other everyday and seeing each other everyday only would maintain the relation. there’s no fucking logic about this too.

So how? if in my case.

in order for me to be with my bff always. i must change my college right now and go to Utar right? and i must stay at the same house as her even though i know i could just drive to college. and i must call her everyday just to let her know i’ve been shitting everyday smoothly.

does that even seems normal to you?

No, apprently this doesn’t makes a chicken sense.

I love my friends for who they are, and for how we’ve been bonding since our secondary school time.

Even though right now we hardly meet up, but if we had the chance to we would seize it as if it was our last chance. and treasure it.

Collegemates might still seems to be something new into my cycle of socializing. I’ve never been this bizarre in knowing so many people in the span of 2 months. it might be nuts but at least it was worth trying.

I know it’s impossible to suddenly jump from the strangers position into someones good friends position. but at least i know i took the effort to be helpful and kind if i’m needed to.

and i won’t regret later thinking why was i being a bitch and staying away from everyone.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that i still doesn’t feel comfortable being with my collegemate. No, it’s not those feeling of being like a squeaking mice around them, or being the usually blabbing shitass around them. but being the one that would laugh out loud, jump around like a pyscho, shout FUCK you out loud, being very manja all a sudden, or just plainly showing the puppy eyes when i’m in need of help. and best of off, could just cry if i really feels like to when i felt that i’m being treatly unfairly or just hugging them when i’m being happy doppy. or when it’s my birthday, kept reminding my friends that it’s my big day coming. yes, i’m that tak-tahu-memalukan-diri-sendiri.

It takes a huge step to do all those attitude and action which would only be seen by my secondary friends.

Every little details in life needs the baby steps.

One can’t always just stick to themselves. it would become very ridiculous.

Start making clapping sound, trust me. you’ll love it.

go around, remember people’s name (even though, i’m bad with remembering names. but at least i took the mind to asked them again and again and again till i remember) and just start bonding.

you’ll love it



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2 Responses to There’s Nothing As Forever

  1. zhentasy says:

    LOL..u juz give ppl nick the victim…haiz…so i better not owe ppl thing lor,i also believe tat giving is blessing!!i will give my best to the ppl beside me and never think abt the returns….Tats me…So stupid heh?the ppl like me so easy bully by ppl…XD

  2. Provence says:

    zhen : yup, people like you would be easily bully. which in a way i’m saying about myself too. but i do believe in giving is blessing. aiyah.. ur nickname was just a matter of fun. chopping board πŸ˜‰

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