Late for Class

finally it’s friday. but doesn’t felt much like weekend to me.

tomorrow having my last mid-term exam test. and then i’m off to relax before i start to collect all my lecturer notes and tutorial notes. till this day, my notes are still not complete. damn shit right? what kind of student is this. let’s hope i don’t procrastinate again this time.

someone please be my alarm note clock where it would bug me if i become lazy and don’t complete all my notes again. if not i’m afraid it’ll be a very last minute copying which i don’t want.

Today i’m late for one of my tutorial class. fuck that! it’s been quite sometime when i’ll be late for that class. all thanks to the day before assignment (which is not even that important. lagi damn it) i overslept. that tutor is known for his kenot-be-late rule. and i’m late for almost an hour, okay maybe not an hour.. it’s just like 45 minutes. and i gave him a pretty bad impression. and it all had to happen during my presentation day. 😦

why am i like that one? of all days.

now all i hope i don’t screw up my presentation marks. omitofo!

friends mention if next time i need them to wake me up, they would be gladly to do so. but it’s only during presentation time or examination week. still touched *watery eyes*

first semester mid-term marks, i myself proclaim i’m quite satisfied with it. at least it’s enough to make sure i don’t fail my final. hopefully

i’m off to penang next weekend. 🙂

make sure it goes like what it’s plan. wtfomgbbqabcdoremi


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